Dual Specialization MBA

(Distance Education/Distance Learning MBA in Hyderabad)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Dual Specialization in HR,  Finance, IT, Marketing, Banking, Operations, Hospitality Management,  Retail Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management)

Lateral Entry into Second Semester:
Eligibility: Students who have completed min 3 years Degree from a recognized university and Six months Management Diploma from a recognized Institution with min of One year work Experience.

Lateral Entry into Third Semester:
Eligibility: Students who have completed min 3 years Degree from a recognized university and One year Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration(PGDBA) from a recognized Institution/University.

FOURTH SEMESTER MBA Project – Guidelines

1. What is a project?
A project is a research assignment given to a student which generally requires a larger amount of effort and more independent work than is involved in a normal essay assignment. It requires students to undertake their own factfinding and analysis, either from library/internet research or from gathering data empirically.

2. Criteria for Selection of Projects
1. Project work should preferably be concerned with your organization or any other organization in your vicinity.
2. It should try to resolve the problem assessed in your project work.
3. Defining the project will be easier if you use the following acid test. A project should ideally meet these criteria.
a) Will the implementation of the project bring about an improvement in the present status of an activity and can this improvement be quantified?
b) Does it have an underlying management principle, framework
or model based on which the data is collected, analysed and arguments developed?
c) Is the project applicable in other similar situations?
d) Does the project report take into account factual data which is
relevant to the particular situation?
The Project Work undertaken should be authentic and should contribute towards the development and growth of the subject. If the external supervisor feels that the Project Work undertaken does not appear to be authentic or does not contribute towards the growth of the subject or it has been merely copied from some source, the external supervisor has the right to reject the Project Work summarily. In that case, the student may be asked to resubmit the Project.

3. How to undertake the project –work?
A candidate is required to select the topic of the project in consultation with both the internal and external supervisors.
The topic shall be considered as approved upon approval by both the
supervisors, the details of which shall be sent by the study centre to VET and KSOU. The format for submission of the list shall be as mentioned in Annexure – I. The resumes of both the internal and external supervisors need to be attached along with list submitted by the study centre as well as the project-work of the student.

4. Supervisor:
There shall be two supervisors for one student – internal and external.
Internal Supervisor Internal supervisor can be the Management Faculty at the study centre having a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a minimum of 3 years of teaching / industry experience. External Supervisor External supervisor can be the any external person not associated with the study centre having a PhD in Management and a 3 years of a teaching / industry experience or a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a minimum of 5 years of teaching / industry experience.
Change of Supervisor In the event of the registered supervisor leaving the Institute for any reason or in the event of death of guide, guide may be changed with permission from the University.

5. Structure of the project
The structure of the project shall be as mentioned in Annexure

6. Procedure for submission and evaluation of project work
a) The candidate is required to prepare a project-work of not more than 100 pages. The topic selected should be at a micro level pertaining to a problem of a division of a company, factory etc. The topic must be in accordance to the industry. The project must give in-depth study of the management methodology adopted in any of the department.
b) A viva voce shall be conducted at the end of the semester wherein the candidate is required to give a presentation of his project-work. The presentation shall be made using MS PowerPoint before the external supervisor. The presentation should enlist the micro and macro levels of project-work give the details, statistics, figures, charts etc. This evaluation shall be done by an external supervisor appointed by VET/KSOU.
c) The internal assessment with a maximum of 50 marks shall be marked by the internal supervisor at the study centre on the basis of the progress of the project report.
d) The University examination comprising of maximum of 150 marks shall be awarded by the external supervisor based on the presentations (communication skills, logical flow and structuring of the content, quality of analysis and recommendations, etc.).
e) If a candidate fails to obtain a minimum of 40% of the maximum marks in any of the internal assessment / University Examination, he shall have to re-appear in both the examinations in the next semester and a new project-work shall be prepared by the candidate. The same projectwork in which the candidate failed to clear in on semester cannot be carried forward to the next semester under any circumstances.
f) If a candidate does not appear in the Viva-Voce examination as
mentioned in the point (d), he can re-appear in the next semester
examination after filling a repeaters form as laid down by the
University. In this case he can continue with the same project-work.

Fourth Semester MBA Project Guidelines: MBA Annexure

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